Special Classes

Music – Music themed lesson done once a month for 20 minutes that encourages all aspects of musical discovery through singing songs, playing simple hand instruments and movement activities. Introduces students to basic musical knowledge/concepts such as steady beat, tempo, melody and volume.

STEM – STEM related lessons done once a month for 20 minutes that encourages discovery of science, technology, engineering, and math- ask questions, make a plan, investigate, experiment, model, describe and identify. Topics covered include but are not limited to: buoyancy, simple machines, properties of light, life cycles, weather, weights, and measurement. Lots of hands on experiments allowing for direct experiences with topic.

Creative Movement – Class meets once a month for 20 minutes which encourages basic gross motor movements to: stimulate a variety of skills, enhance sensory-motor integration, develop controlled movement (balance, strength, coordination), enable children with varying abilities to have large-motor experiences similar to those of their peers, ranging from familiar to new and challenging, and finally, help them learn physical games with rules and structure.