Support Play and Prep

Below are ways you can support Play and Prep Preschool.

Play and Prep Preschool encourages its families to participate in our fundraising programs as they not only support the scholarship program but allows for additional items to be purchased for the preschool (for example playground and special equipment). We have different fundraising opportunities throughout the year (Fall – Stoller Pastries, early spring – Malley’s and late spring – Kollman’s Greenhouse flower sale).

This year we have a year-round fundraiser with Mabel’s Labels. Check it out at and click on ‘Select your school/organization’, scroll down and select Play and Prep Preschool and start shopping. Enjoy free shipping with your order.

You can also support Play and Prep while you do your grocery shopping.

Heinen’s Tasteful Rewards School Program

Register Play and Prep with your Tasteful Rewards Card at, at the Customer Service Desk in the store or Call 1-855-475-2300 ext. 2337.

Feel free to share with family and friends and thank you for your continued support of Play and Prep Preschool.